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Basic Medication Math

This post is driven by student request! We wanted to put together some practice on medication math. Our TMP program spends a little time covering one of the most basic concepts in pre-hospital medicine.

However, this seems to be one of those things that is riddled with shortcuts, and the need to do simple equations has gone by the waist-side. We want to ensure that providers are able to do basic med math as well as do it consistently and correctly.

We have put together a video as well as a practice sheet with calculations.

We wanted to outline a few things before beginning this, to help you get the most out of it. First, start consistent. Don't do the shortcuts, even if this is a refresher for you, it will benefit you to write the equations out.

This section is primarily based on finding two answers. The first would be to identify the volume of a medication to give in a single dose. The second is the concentration of a medication. We will cover dose over time in a new post.


Review the video to go over simple medication math in a methodical format.


Below is the link to a medication math practice page. The answers will be posted later, to ensure enough time for you to review the page and practice on your own.

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