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Introducing the SOARescue Coffee Division

The team at Special Operations Aid & Rescue is happy to announce the release of our Coffee Division.

Yes, you read that correctly, Coffee Division. We have been working hard to expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers. As a company, we are our biggest consumers, ambassadors, and all around fan boys (and girls) and we are constantly aiming high and continuing to push the boundary. We strive to break barriers, and work hard to build a company that is unlike any other in our market. For all of you that work the 24s, that put your life on the line every day, that wake up to see the sunrise, and for the ones that push to be the best version of yourself - this one's for you.

Our signature coffee roast has been appropriately named Mission Critical in reference to Special Operations Aid & Rescue's background in providing critical emergency care training and secondly a play on the critical role that caffeine plays in all of our lives. We can all agree, the first cup of coffee in the morning is mission critical.

We’ve teamed up with Andrea Grove-Musselman, professional roaster, owner of Elementary Coffee Company, and all around coffee expert to create our custom blend. When we initially decided to try our hands in the coffee business we set several goals for the coffee division. First and foremost we wanted to find a local coffee roaster who had a strong connection to the local community and who was just as passionate about the coffee craft as we are with our SOAR brand. Second, we wanted to have an integral connection to the process. From selecting the roast, to the design process, and all the way into production. Our partnership with Andrea and Elementary Coffee Company has far exceeded any of our expectations.

The Mission Critical roast is a dark roast combination of two organic Sumatra blends containing Mandheling and Ketiara variety. It’s flavor profile contains a rich and chocolately tasting note with a mahogany, cocoa bitter, and robust finish.

Each batch of is small roasted and packaged regularly to provide you with fresh coffee.

Our final goal in creating a signature coffee blend was to give back to our community in a meaningful way. We’ve partnered with the amazing people at the non-profit COLEBREW by pledging a donation of 10% of all proceeds from the SOARescue Coffee Division to the group.

COLEBREW is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to create safer schools and empower our next generation of entrepreneurs.

This entrepreneur ambassador program gives junior and senior high school students the opportunity to start and operate a student lounge coffee shop. The revenue generated funds a police officer to be present on the school grounds.

For more information and if you’d like to get involved with this movement, check out

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