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Synthetic Opioid Response PPE Recommendations

The overarching mystery surrounding synthetic opioids, specifically carfentanil has lead to some significant controversy within the public safety community. "Grey Death" as it has been coined is not necessarily as well understood as many think. Unfortunately everything on facebook is not really true. We are hoping to provide some clarity to this subject. Below is a great resource for Fentanyl and Synthetic Opioid Response, decontamination and PPE Selection from the Interagency Board.


Table 1. outlines the risk levels and response functions of the responder. Refer to the color coded matrix once you have determined your role and the perceived risk of the facility.


The table below outlines the required PPE for the different types of response.


The tables have been captured from the IAB document linked above. For more information feel free to comment or add to this thread. Significantly more information is available from the download link.

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