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SOARescue prides itself on providing world class training and equipment to providers of tactical medicine nationwide. The dynamic environment that first responders operate in, requires tools and knowledge to match the changes. SOARescue employs subject matter experienced educators and equipment solution experts. Our staff all currently function in the role, or specialty they represent. This ensures that the education receive is relevant, and in line with current best practices. Our staff comes from all facets of public safety and the military. Our team is composed of a variety of specialists, from field level operators, to Physicians, chiefs and other administrative professionals. This offers a well rounded view to the content we deliver.


You. More Prepared Than Ever. 


Some of the specialties include: 

-Tactical Medical Operations 

-Tactical Operations

-Weapon Manipulation

-Military Medicine

-Public Health

-Emergent and Primary Clinical Care

-Disaster Medicine 

-Dive Medicine

-CBRNE Mitigation and Treatment

-IED Identification Mitigation

-Protective Services Operations

-Rope Rescue 

-Helicopter Emergency Medical Services 

-Critical Care Treatment

Special Operations Aid & Rescue is proud to support international medicine operations. Our team is available for both national and international unit consultation and training. Please contact us at to request information about our services and rates for international business. 


Andrew Rowley


Andrew is the CEO of SOARescue, and the resident brain for the training division. Andrew currently fulfills the role of Educational Program Manager ensuring the content delivered is of the highest quality.
Andrew's background starts in the Army, as a medic. Andrew has experience teaching austere and combat medicine and sustainment at the unit level. From there he worked in Charlotte, North Carolina for one of the nation's largest metropolitan EMS services, as a paramedic. 
Andrew still functioned for 6 Years as a flight and tactical paramedic with Wake Forest Baptist Health in North Carolina. Andrew delivers trauma education and assists with policy development in this setting. Andrew also assisted in standing up a DoD contract program providing rotor wing SAR, PR, and CASEVAC. Andrew then functioned as the Medical Programs Manager in-country. 
Andrew also currently works with the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification/ IBSC, writing and reviewing questions that are used in both the Certified Flight and Tactical Paramedic Certification exams. Andrew has most recently been the chair of a national working group to develop standards for non-pneumatic limb tourniquets with organizations such as ASTM, DHS, and NIST. Andrew is a current FAWM Candidate through the Wilderness Medical Society


-Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP)

-Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C)

-Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C)

-Emergency Medical Technician- Tactical (EMT-T)

-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider/Instructor (TECC)

-Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provider/Instructor (TCCC)

-Tactical Emergency Medical Specialist (TEMS)

-Tactical Medical Practitioner (TMP)

-Rope Rescue Technician

-Rescue Diver

-NAEMT Course Coordinator

-C-TECC Board Of Advisors Invitee

-Interagency Board HMRS Subject Matter Expert

Alan Elam


Alan is the businessman of the bunch. Graduate of Appalachian State University, with a BSBA. During his time in college he began to enter the field of pre-hospital medicine. As both a Ski Patroller, and member of the Rescue Squad, Alan gained valuable experience in multiple facets of pre-hospital medicine. His experiences have made him indispensable to SOAR. Alan then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and began working at Mecklenburg EMS Agency as a Paramedic. Then moving through the ranks as a Crew Chief and now as an Assistant Operations Supervisor. Alan has also been a member of the Civil Emergency unit, and a medic operating with the bomb squad. Alan also teaches as an adjunct faculty member in a National Registry accredited Paramedic Program.  He also works as the Vice President of the North Carolina Tactical Medicine Association. Alan has brought his knowledge to SOAR, and heads product development.



-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

-Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic (EMT-P)

-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider/Instructor (TECC)

-Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provider/Instructor (TCCC)

Terran Berry

Director of Operations

Terran helps manage the Training Division of SOAR. Terran is from Boone, North Carolina, where he got his start in Pre-Hospital Medicine. Terran currently Serves as a Paramedic/ Crew Chief at Medic in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been a Sergeant at Caldwell County EMS and a Field Training Officer for Watauga County EMS. He helped start the TEMS program at Caldwell and was the unit's first Team Leader.  On top of that he is a Captain at the Stewart Simmons Fire Department in Tripplet, North Carolina, where he also serves as Director of First Responders. He sits on the EMS advisory committee for Watauga County and is currently the Western State Rep for North Carolina Tactical Medicine Association. Terran also teaches as an adjunct faculty member in a National Registry accredited Paramedic Program. Terran somehow manages to find the time to work with us. 




-Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP)

-Critical Care Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic (CCEMT-P)

-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider/Instructor (TECC)

Bryan Beaver, MD

Educational Medical Director

Dr. Bryan Beaver, MD, is an Emergency Medicine specialist in North Carolina. He attended and graduated from University Of Kansas School Of Medicine, having diverse experience, especially in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Beaver is dual board certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals including North Carolina Baptist Hospital. Dr.  Beaver also cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups including Wake Forest University Health Sciences. Dr. Beaver is currently the EMS Medical Director for a system in North Carolina. Dr. Beaver has experience and continues to fly in with a Helicopter EMS service. 


Dr. Beaver recently published the following article:

Prehospital rapid sequence intubation in a blunt trauma patient: a case for high-fidelity simulation in prehospital medicine. Stopyra J, Beaver B, Fitch M, Nelson R.. MedEdPORTAL. 2016;12():10358.

Ben Specht

Director of Pennsylvania Operations

Ben started his pre-hospital career in Cleveland Ohio as a paramedic and firefighter. Throughout his career, he has worked in Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania in all aspects of public safety. Ben has most recently served as a Battalion Chief and Assistant Manager of a hospital based EMS agency in central Pennsylvania, the Medical Team Leader of a county based Special Response Team, and has served as a subject matter expert in various aspects of prehospital trauma care, active assailant response, and tactical medicine. Ben has also served on several interagency and state committees focused on increased public safety response to active shooters and mass casualty events. Ben earned his undergraduate degree in Emergency & Disaster Management and is currently matriculating his Masters in Medical Science degree as a Physician Assistant student and is current an FAWM candidate with the Wilderness Medical Society. 

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