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Step 1: 

Pick a course to host.

Step 2:

Pick open vs. closed.

Step 3:

Approve funding.

Step 4:

Set dates.

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Step 1: Pick a course to host.

A training evolution should support the mission. Period. If your organization is going to spend valuable budget money on a program, it needs to be focused on exactly what your team needs. Our programs have a wide range of specialties, so pick the one that matches your team's mission. Many of our week-long programs have modular components that can be adjusted to tailor programs. Using reperfused models, we can also prepare customized programs to provide validation evolutions.

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Step 2: Pick open vs closed enrollment

Many of our clients need closed programs to be able to discuss sensitive mission critical information. Many of our instructors have current TS clearance or are still TS eligible. Sometimes the smaller class sizes enable increased repetitions with evolutions. Other times, the open enrollment helps to decrease the overall cost per student by sharing the program costs with other departments.

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Step 3: Approve funding

Finding funding can be the hardest step. SOARescue can provide some assistance in providing some guidance. Many times, discussions with administration or grant sources can be made easier by comparing existing training costs with proposed training costs when SOARescue can travel to your site. Military units and public safety departments have seen as high as 50% savings from hosting training. We accomplish this by providing turnkey packages with all course equipment and expendables. It's also typically cheaper for 5 instructors to travel instead of 20 students.

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Step 4: Pick dates

We typically ask host units/departments to pick three date sets to ensure we have availability. Open enrollment courses typically need dates that are 90+ out to ensure other departments can send students. We can coordinate training in 45-60 days for closed programs depending on location and logistical requirements. 


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