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Tactical Medical Practitioner

Tactical Medical Practitioner is one of the most comprehensive Tactical EMS training programs for any EMT or Paramedic, who operates on a tactical team. The TMP course takes the lessons from TCCC/TECC to the next level. Students are also introduced to topics on critical care medicine, prolonged field care and evacuation care as well as rescue and tactical topics. After this course, students are prepared to integrate into a tactical team as the medical support element.


Tactical Sustainment Course

The Tactical Sustainment Course follows the TMP course to provide a tailored solution for units with medical roles. Our specialized program is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of military units. It offers comprehensive continuing education, ensuring medical personnel stay up-to-date with certifications and the latest advancements in combat medicine. From medical skills enhancement to scenario-based training, our program prepares military personnel for challenging deployments, enabling them to respond with precision and confidence in high-stress situations. The program can be delivered with reperfused models to ensure that personnel get the most realistic experience possible. Many units use this program as a validation course with ROE/MEDROE aligned with the mission set and a full mission profile exercise available.


Rescue Medical Practitioner

Our dynamic rescue program is tailored to advanced medical practitioners, equipping them with the specialized skills needed for complex rescue operations. Through rigorous training and realistic simulations, participants gain the expertise to integrate ALS treatments into rescue operations. Students will focus on a wide range of rescue operations, and obtain the Operations level in five different rescue disciplines, all while focusing on advanced medical techniques. Join us to elevate your rescue capabilities and make a significant impact in the most demanding and unpredictable environments.


Extended Austere Provider

Embark on a transformative journey with our Extended Austere Provider course, where students gain up-to-date knowledge on medical treatment in remote and challenging environments. Our expert instructors provide insight on cutting-edge medicine, ensuring students are equipped with the latest advancements in wilderness care. Through high-fidelity simulations, participants are pushed to their limits, sharpening their critical thinking and decision-making skills, preparing them to respond effectively to real-life emergencies. Join us to master the art of wilderness medicine and become a confident and capable practitioner in any outdoor setting.


Austere Sustainment Course

Elevate the readiness of your unit's medics with our intensive Austere Sustainment Course. Designed to equip elite personnel with advanced medical skills, this program ensures readiness in remote and challenging environments. Master the art of prolonged field care, wilderness survival, and combat trauma management, preparing your unit to handle any scenario with confidence. Reperfused models are available to help bring the highest realism to medical training. Invest in the highest level of preparedness - enroll now and reinforce the strength and adaptability of your medics. 


Technical Austere Medical Evacuation

Embark on an exhilarating journey in our Technical Austere Medical Evacuation program, where you'll master the art of evacuating patients in diverse flight platforms. Led by experienced flight medics, this immersive course emphasizes hands-on scenarios and skills, ensuring you're fully prepared for the challenges of real-life missions. From civilian to military platforms, our comprehensive training equips you with the critical care medicine expertise needed to provide life-saving interventions and evacuate patients effectively. Join us today and elevate your medical career to new heights, making a significant impact in the realm of flight medicine.


Flight Sustainment Course

Ensure peak performance and unmatched expertise for your unit's medics with our Flight Sustainment Course. Tailored to meet the unique challenges of airborne operations, this program hones critical care skills and aviation-specific medical training. Led by seasoned flight medics, the course covers aeromedical evacuation techniques, in-flight medical interventions, and advanced patient care, ensuring your unit is fully prepared for high-stakes missions. Reperfused models available to help bring the highest realism to medical training. Elevate your unit's capabilities and performance - enroll now and take your medics to new heights in flight medicine proficiency.


Specialized Medical Training Course

Empower your SOF medics with our Specialized Medicinal Sustainment Course, meticulously designed to sharpen their life-saving capabilities. Led by elite instructors with real-world SOF experience, this program covers cutting-edge medical techniques, tactical considerations, and advanced combat medicine. From trauma management in high-threat environments to austere medical environments, this course ensures your medics are always prepared to respond with precision and poise. Invest in the readiness of your SOF medics - enroll now and elevate their prowess as the guardians of life on the frontlines.


Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Medical Personnel

Elevate your care with our Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course, designed to equip you with life-saving skills for high-stakes situations. Led by seasoned experts in military and emergency medicine, this immersive course guarantees hands-on training that can make all the difference in the battlefield. Master the art of rapid intervention, tourniquet application, and wound management through realistic simulations, ensuring you are always prepared to save lives when it matters most. Join us and become a trusted asset, ready to respond with precision and poise in critical moments of need.


Anatomy of an MCI

Discover the power to lead and respond effectively in the face of disaster with our groundbreaking course on resolving mass casualty incidents. Learn essential strategies, coordination techniques, and hands-on skills to manage chaotic situations and save lives. Led by experienced emergency response professionals, this course provides invaluable insights and practical knowledge for individuals seeking to make a meaningful impact during critical incidents. Be the difference-maker in times of crisis - enroll now and become a confident and capable responder in mass casualty scenarios.


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

This 2-day course covers topics designed to decrease preventable death in the tactical situation.  Topics include Hemorrhage control; surgical airway control and needle decompression; strategies for treating wounded responders in threatening environments; caring for pediatric patients; and techniques for dragging and carrying victims to safety.

At the core of the TECC program are three distinct phases that have been well-proven by TCCC-trained personnel in the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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TECC-LE is a 1-day (8-hour) course that teaches officers basic lifesaving tactical medicine concepts and interventions that can be used to render aid to themselves, other officers, and other injured persons during the course of an active shooter event or other violent incidents. Students are taught methods to address life-threatening bleeding with the use of tourniquets, hemostatic gauze (such as Quik Clot), and pressure bandages, as well as basic airway management with nasal airways and the recovery position, chest injury treatment involving chest seals, and hypothermia prevention.


Students learn about the three different phases of care (Direct Threat Care, Indirect Threat Care, Evacuation Care), and the proper medical actions to take during each phase, as well as their role as LE in the chain of survival. 


TECC-LE is a solid foundational class for officers and no prior medical experience or training is necessary. Concepts are presented in such a manner that the non-medically trained officer won't feel overwhelmed or left behind.


High Threat Interventions

High Threat Interventions (HTI) is a unique tactical medicine program exclusively geared toward the armed professional. Most tactical medicine programs target the medical provider attached/assigned to tactical teams/special operations units instead of the non-medical operator. It is designed to incorporate live fire evolutions with the addition of medical scenarios to create a well-rounded training experience. HTI is also designed to increase student survivability by introducing injured shooter weapon manipulations and utilizing vehicles as rescue platforms to retrieve downed personnel (range dependent).

Live fire downed officer rescue scenarios incorporating basic small unit tactics are an integral part of the program. The desired end state of HTI is to provide the student with an enhanced level of medical capability while maintaining their existing firearms skills by integrating medical scenarios within live fire exercises. The class is not meant to train students to the level of a medical provider. It aims to provide them with the skills to keep injured persons alive until the arrival of a medical provider. Additionally, it serves to ensure that students can perform the appropriate medical interventions while in a live fire, simulated high threat environment that armed professionals often find themselves in.


Emergency Response for Firearms Instructors

Firearms instructors are tasked with conducting inherently high-risk activities. Live-fire training and qualifications, and scenario training involving marking and blank-firing ammunition, are only some of the examples of situations where there is a risk of serious injury or death.

The Emergency Response for Firearms Instructors course is a 2-day, 16-hour program designed to provide firearms instructors and other range personnel the ability to render immediate life-saving aid to injured persons in a training environment. Additionally, the course allows for risk management by equipping personnel with the ability to create an Emergency Action Plan for their agency/training facility. Students will also be able to mitigate additional risks by creating Medical Threat Assessments for their training evolutions to further add to the safety of their personnel.

Most medical courses geared for LE are focused on traumatic injury management via tourniquets, wound packing, chest seals, etc. While this is an excellent starting point, traumatic injuries are not the only injuries that a firearms instructor needs to take into consideration. Environmental injuries, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, etc, are all issues to think about due to the varying nature of the officers coming to training. This class will prepare instructors to begin treatment and stabilization of those other emergencies, in addition to traumatic injuries.

Finally, instructors attending will receive guidance on Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) design and recommended contents and kit placement on their person, as well as best practices, and receive recommendations on placement and contents of a dedicated range aid bag.


Tactical Patrol Officer

Tactical Patrol Officer is meant to provide individuals and agencies a one-stop training package to further up-skill their line personnel in some of the most important skill sets in the field. TPO provides training in tactical medicine, manual breaching, rifle/pistol marksmanship, and structure clearance techniques. TPO-qualified personnel can act as a force multiplier during critical incidents, bridging the gap between regular line personnel and specially trained and equipped response teams.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care- All Service Members

Equip yourself with life-saving skills and enhance your value as a service member by enrolling in our Tactical Combat Casualty Care for All Service Members course. This comprehensive training empowers you to respond effectively in high-stress combat scenarios, ensuring the safety and well-being of your fellow comrades. Learn from seasoned experts in military medicine and master techniques such as rapid intervention, hemorrhage control, and airway management, preparing you to be a crucial asset on the battlefield. Join now and become a certified TCCC provider, ready to make a significant impact in the lives of your fellow service members.


Stop The Bleed

Don't wait for emergencies to strike - empower yourself with life-saving skills by enrolling in our Stop The Bleed course today. Learn crucial techniques to control bleeding and save lives in critical moments. Whether you're a concerned citizen, a parent, or a healthcare professional, this hands-on training is essential for anyone looking to make a difference in emergencies. Join our community of compassionate individuals dedicated to making the world a safer place - be ready, be prepared, and take action with Stop The Bleed!



Empower yourself to be a true life-saver by taking our CPR course today. Gain the confidence to respond calmly and effectively in life-threatening situations, be it at home, work, or in public. With expert instructors and hands-on practice, you'll learn the critical skills needed to revive someone in cardiac distress. Don't hesitate - your knowledge could be the difference between life and death for someone you love. Enroll now and become a certified CPR clinician!

eLearning Courses

Unlock a world of advanced medical expertise from the comfort of your home with our online critical care medicine courses. Led by renowned experts in the field, you'll receive top-tier education without compromising your schedule or travel. Stay at the forefront of medical advancements, mastering essential skills and knowledge to provide superior care to your patients. Elevate your career, enhance patient outcomes, and expand your horizons with the convenience and excellence of our online programs.

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