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Professional Responders deserve training that exceeds the historical standard. SOARescue strives to provide the "why" behind your practice. Our organization exists to help you RESPOND BETTER.


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Law Enforcement Specific

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High Threat Interventions


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

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Tactical Patrol Officer

Entry & Inital Training

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care - All Service Members


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Enhanced Skills


Tactical Medical Practitioner


Extended Austere Provider


Rescue Medical Practitioner

Anatomy of an MCI

Advanced Provider


Extended Austere Provider

Technical Austere Medical Evacuation


Online Critical Care Course


Unlock a world of advanced medical expertise from the comfort of your home with our online critical care medicine courses. Led by renowned experts in the field, you'll receive top-tier education without compromising your schedule or travel. Stay at the forefront of medical advancements, mastering essential skills and knowledge to provide superior care to your patients. Elevate your career, enhance patient outcomes, and expand your horizons with the convenience and excellence of our online programs.



Equipment that works

And cost effective too.

SOARescue has been able to leverage larger volumes of medical supplies to decrease the cost to the end user. Municipal and state budgets are highly sensitive to price, and the staff out in the field shouldn't have to compromise on quality gear because of a limited budget. 

While our shop page has a wide range of equipment, reach out to us directly for bulk/agency orders. Our team takes pride in our extensive network of trusted partners, enabling us to source a diverse array of equipment for all your needs. With this robust network, we can swiftly locate and deliver top-notch products, ensuring your agency is equipped with the best tools available. With our hands on experience, we can also provide consultation on which products work and which don't, saving your agency from losing valuable budget money on products that don't fit the team's needs. for agency orders.

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