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Austrian Trauma Resources

SOARescue is excited to provide some resources to Paramedics and Physicians that are bringing new trauma skills to their patients. 

We understand many Paramedics and Physicians in Austria may not have ever heard about SOARescue. First we'd like to share a few videos showing the training we do. Our programs are very dynamic, and have students train with simulations that are as close to the real world events they will get called to as possible. Our training ranges from basic trauma medicine for civilians to critical care topics for flight medics.

The principle of our training is pushing the best trauma medicine practices possible. We rely on evidence based medicine and peer reviewed research to help students take trauma medicine to the next level. One of our founders can trace his family's roots back to Austria, so this seemed like the perfect first country to bring SOARescue's educational opportunities to Europe.


What do we do?

We specialize in high fidelity training courses. Our courses challenge Paramedics and Physicians to train in scenarios that are as close to real life as possible. When we push students this way, it helps them practice the way they'll perform in the real world for a real patient. This way they can learn from mistakes and perform better after the course.

While most of our courses have a tactical view of trauma medicine, how you take care of a trauma patient and the challenges or goals of taking care of a trauma patient doesn't change much on an ambulance or in the hospital. 

Distance Learning

Many of our students can't spend 100 hours taking course all year long. They have to get back to taking care of their patients. To help students learn more about medicine while still working full time, we have our eLearning platform. We are excited to bring up to date trauma medicine to Austrian Paramedics and Physicians through our eLearning program so we can share information internationally and help others around the globe.

Check out our courses:

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SWAG stands for "Stuff We All Get." We are part of a community that that is an elite group of people who can take care of others in any situation or environment. We push ourselves to do more tomorrow than we did today and constantly improve ourselves to help our patients. Why not wear a cool hat while we're off duty? Or put a sticker on a water bottle. When someone else in the community sees that sticker... they'll know we are all part of this elite group together. to get your SWAG.

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