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Target Audience: Members of the Public, Educators, Church Officials, Concerned Citizens

First Care Provider puts medical knowledge in the hands of those who are available to do the most good… The person who gets to a patient first! This is designed to help first responders and citizens understand which injuries need to be taken care of first and which can be taken care of later. Those first few minutes can save a life, if the right injuries are treated first. Students will have some practical/hands on time, so they leave the classroom with the confidence to treat a patient. Students will be able to treat life threatening bleeding with a tourniquet, understand when/where to use wound packing, and understand basic measures for opening and controlling airway trauma. Moving a patient to safety after treatment becomes a priority, so quick and easy methods to get a patient to safety are also covered. No medical background or public safety background are necessary for the class. No prerequisites.


This one day course covers the following topics:

  • Scene safety issues.

  • Basic trauma assessment.

  • Hemorrhage control with a tourniquet, wound packing, bandaging or direct pressure. Understand the best use and application of each method.

  • Understand the use of hemostatic agents and their best use.

  • Airway control with basic positioning or NPA.

  • Evacuation methods for moving a patient to safety or ambulance crew.


Pre-requisites: Good attitude and willingness to learn.

Course Delivery: The course is one 8 hour day.

SOARescue is approved through First Care Provider to deliver the FCP training program. 

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Used with permission from

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