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“If you can make holes, you have to be able to plug holes.”

SOARescue’s Law Enforcement Division was established to more effectively meet the needs of our armed professional customer base. Whether law enforcement, military, nuclear security, or other armed professional, SOARescue LE aims to effectively integrate the two most important training topics, weapons manipulation and medical training, in order to create a more complete training experience and also better equip the modern-day gunfighter to better face today’s emerging threats.

Our mission at SOARescue LE is to keep names off of the wall. The sacrifice of countless military and first responder personnel throughout the history of this nation must not be in vain. We aim to provide the most up-to-date firearms and medical training, with an emphasis on the armed professional and their unique environments. We believe that seamlessly integrating medical problems into tactical and scenario training is a sure fire recipe for success.

SOARescue has proven to be innovators and leaders in the field of tactical medicine by consistently pushing the cutting edge and striving to remain on the forefront of innovation to provide the best possible training for pre-hospital tactical and non-tactical medical providers.


SOARescue’s Law Enforcement Division will continue paving the way for educating the non-medical armed professional. By tailoring the medical component of the training to a level appropriate for the non-medically trained armed professional, buy-in of the material is increased, as well as retention.


The basic premise of “bullets and bandages” is the guiding principle for all SOARescue LE programs. You cannot have one without the other; both skillsets are equal in importance and the appropriate blend of medicine and firearms/tactics will be evident in any class taken. Most tactical training courses today are either strictly shooting based or medical based. SOARescue LE aims to implement an even mix of both disciplines during class, not giving priority to one or the other, as we firmly believe that both are of equal importance.

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