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Stop The Bleed (STB)


Stop The Bleed 

Our immersive "Stop the Bleed" course, led by seasoned paramedics and prior military medics, equips you with vital skills to combat life-threatening bleeding. In this immersive hands-on experience, you'll learn to respond swiftly and effectively in emergencies, be it accidents, mass casualties, or unforeseen disasters.

Imagine being the calm amidst chaos, saving lives when seconds count. Our expert instructors will impart cutting-edge techniques to control bleeding, apply tourniquets, and pack wounds. With real-life scenarios and state-of-the-art training equipment, you'll gain confidence in life's critical moments.

Your journey begins with understanding the anatomy of injury and the importance of rapid intervention. Whether you're a concerned citizen, healthcare professional, or simply want to protect your loved ones, this course is for you. The life you save could be someone's parent, child, or friend.

What sets us apart is the expertise and experience of our instructors, honed in the crucible of real-world emergencies. Their passion to empower others fuels an engaging and interactive learning environment. And rest assured, every penny invested in this paid course contributes to improving community safety and supporting our expert educators.

Join the ranks of compassionate individuals equipped to handle emergencies with precision and poise. Together, let's build a safer world where no bleed is beyond control. Enroll in our "Stop the Bleed" course today, and let's make a difference, one life at a time.


Pre-requisites: Willingness to learn.

Course Delivery: The course is delivered over 90 minutes. Additional material can be added at request.


  • 90 minutes


  • In-Person


  • Anyone desiring to be better prepared to manage a traumatic injury, if the moment comes.


  • Students will recieve a certificate upon successful completion of the course

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TMP Students Treating A Casualty
TMP Students Preparing To Evacuate
TMP Students Rigging a Skedco
TMP Students Working With SWAT
TMP Student Directing Care Of Others
TMP Students Loading An Aircraft
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