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Tactical Sustainment Course (TSC) was developed from the Table VIII skill qualifications needed to ensure medics get the appropriate sustainment training. This program is adapted from the Tactical Medical Practitioner course, with the ability to adapt modular content to specialties from 68W/68WF2, 18D, HM, 1T2X1 and others. While some of the other programs such as the Austere Sustainment Course or the Flight Sustainment Course may be more applicable to mission sets for certain specialties, this course provides the base training to ensure that both JTS CPG's are reviewed along with covering necessary elements for NREMT-P continuing education. 


Integration of skilled medical support is critical to mission success. TSC teaches everything from pre-mission planning and medical threat assessment to providing care in austere or high threat environments. Students will learn the many differences in providing care in a tactical setting. Whether it's assessing a sprained ankle or treating a critically injured patient, students leave understanding how to provide care as a member of an integrated team.


Students should expect to be challenged mentally and physically.


Students will receive the Tactical Combat Casualty Care certification and be prepared to take the Tactical Paramedic-Certified or Tactical Responder-Certified exam by the International Board of Specialty Certification. This course will satisfy the majority of hours required to re-certify EMT and Paramedic.

Most programs equivalent to this entail two full weeks of training in residence. With 32 hours of the program being integrated online, this allows units to decrease their overall cost of training as they are able to allow service members to complete a large portion of the training without having to pay for travel. SOARescue can also deliver training to the unit, further reducing travel costs and also provide the program as a turnkey package with or without class VIII materials.

Typically this program is delivered as a closed course/single program fee and not designated on a per-student basis. 

Pre-requisites: Assigned medical specialty within the military.

Course Delivery: The course is broken into 2 sections.

Section 1: 32 Hours online - opens 30 days prior to the start of the in-residence portion.

Section 2: In residence - 5 days (50 hours) in class and scenarios.


  • 5 Days In-Person

  • 30 Days Self-Paced Online


  • Hybrid

  • In-Person & Online


  • Medical providers currently assigned to a medical mission.

  • (EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, RN, PA, MD)


  • Students Will Recieve

  • 82 Hours CAPCE Credit

  • TCCC-MP Certification

  • IBSC FP-C/TP-C Prep or Recert Hours

TMP Students Treating A Casualty
TMP Students Preparing To Evacuate
TMP Students Rigging a Skedco
TMP Students Working With SWAT
TMP Student Directing Care Of Others
TMP Students Loading An Aircraft


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