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Rescue Medical Practitioner (RMP) 

Our newest course in the lineup! There has long been a divide between performing a technical rescue and providing advanced medical care. This course will help bridge the gap between providing advanced medical care and functioning at an Operations level during a technical rescue incident. This course will strictly adhere to the NFPA 1006/1670 Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications. Students will engage in medical care while receiving practical education on how a rescue may be performed.


This course is NOT designed to yield an advanced technical rescuer. Instead, it is designed to enable a medical practitioner to work concomitantly with rescue teams to provide the care needed for entrapped victims. We identified common situations that rescue teams will respond to and have built scenario-based training to reflect that. All too often, EMS and Rescue agencies are not trained or equipped to be an integral part of rescue scenarios and therefore do not begin their advanced care until too late in the game. As with our other programs, this was designed from the insight from our instructors to identify operational gaps in traditional rescue training and deployments.

This program requires more facility requirements compared to previous courses. Aside from rescue props for high angle, confined space, surface water, trench, etc, we also require that a heavy rescue apparatus is provided on one of the days. We supply a wide range of training equipment to ensure that students are able to operate safely while learning integration of medical and rescue elements. Instructors bring expertise to the classroom, operating on various FEMA teams when not teaching and providing instruction at the federal level for the CDP and guard units. Reach out at to see If your facility has the necessary elements.


Pre-requisites: EMT-B and currently employed by a public safety agency or government/military department with a medical mission set.

Course Delivery: The course is broken into 2 sections.

Section 1: 32 hours online - opens 30 days prior to the start of the in-residence portion.

Section 2: In residence- 5 days (44 Hours) in class and scenarios.


  • 5 Days In-Person

  • 30 Days Self-Paced Online


  • Hybrid

  • In-Person & Online


  • Medical providers that currently or will be supporting a rescue operation or team.

  • (EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, RN, PA, MD)


  • Students Will Recieve

  • 82 Hours CAPCE Credit



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